Media, Events and Advertising

This is one of LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA specialized fields. The firm can draw an impressive store of experience, gained from working on a large number of major projects, such as musical and other internationally recognized entertainment events, by its quality and .dimension.

Media, Events and Advertising Media, Events and Advertising

LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA is able to advise its clients on all legal issues relating to the planning and organization of these events, which can include issuing legal opinions, drafting and negotiating contracts, and providing general legal support.

The accumulated experience by LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA team in this practice area means it can offer a comprehensive service dealing with all the legal considerations in this type of project, from licensing arrangements to intellectual property issues, as well as contractual matters, including sponsorship and advertising, employment and tax issues, operational regulations and of course insurance, liability and safety at venues and events.