Public Law

Thanks to its experience in both administrative law and in the different areas of private law, LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA team is ideally placed to provide legal services to public and private clients in the public law environment, particularly in Public Procurement Code governed matters.

Public Law Public Law

In its public law practice, LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA provides services relating to procurement by public authorities or organizations subject to public law rules, including public works contracts and public supply contracts, and is equipped to prepare the necessary tendering procedures. When advising private tenderers, the firm provides support in drafting bids and dealing with procedural formalities through to the signing of contracts, in addition to ongoing support for the lifetime of the contract.

In coordination with its project finance team, LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA is able to provide services to the promoters of major projects, dealing with the different contractual and legal issues raised, including matters concerning the banks and finance providers.

LEGALWORKS – GOMES DA SILVA public law practice also includes advising local authorities and local public enterprises. Our lawyers are engaged on a daily basis in dealing with complex administrative disputes, providing them with experience of the full range of administrative affairs involving local authorities and municipal utilities and service providers.